ArtPlus Easy Noter Pro 4.5

Still Haven't found that personal information manager (PIM) software that will work with you instead of against you? EasyNoter is a straight-forward easy-to-use PIM with all the power and flexibility you'll probably ever need. EasyNoter offers all essencial functionality of a personal organizer, packed in stylish and most of all, user friendly interface. Not only does it look good, it's very practical and easy to use. It will help you organize your notes and addresses, keep diary, or get reminded about important tasks.
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Import your own design/photo for the book cover.

The downloadable skins are not something that I would prefer. I have many photos that I would like to use but can't.
Chris Kurka, 13.03.2016, 11:36
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Not move location on desktop

It would be nice when I locate the clock module icon on my desktop it will stay in the same location after I open the program. It is very annoying to open up the clock module and then have to drag it back to my favorite location on the desktop...
bdolph, 13.03.2016, 12:17
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Install to C:\Program Files\Easy Note Pro folder

Installation points to C:\users\username directory. This is definitely not the normal installation directory. To keep things consistent, I feel the installation should be placed in C:\Program Files\Easy Noter Pro directory
Jim, 14.03.2016, 00:28
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"Drag and drop" function for documents or pictures

It would be a lot easier to be able to drag and drop texts or pictures inside the Noter than to have to import them!
Awinahe, 16.03.2016, 01:23
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It should be add font types like unicode

I am Vietnamese and it don't support my language. It will be better if user can choose more font types
Gatrong, 14.03.2016, 00:58